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My friend Sam, who is a DJ, requested a storage system for his extensive record collection. An important requirement was that the system had to be mobile since he would be moving from time to time. He also needed to categorize and alphabetize his records. We came up with a system of 1” maple boxes in two sizes with vertical and horizontal slots for partitions. The smaller boxes would be exactly ½ the length as the longer boxes so that they could be stacked like bricks and rearranged to fit into different configurations. Another consideration was that the boxes should not touch each other causing the finish to wear. We came up with a cleat and groove solution that created a ¼” horizontal gap between stacked boxes. We left the hardwood cleats long by 1/8” at each end so that when you stacked them end to end they created a similar ¼” vertical gap. The base and tops are also fixed the same way. Also, because the backs are finished the modular units can be used as a room divider. Sam moved several months after receiving the storage cabinets and successfully set up the cabinets himself in his new home.

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